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 UNI News is committed to covering current news stories that are often omitted from standard broadcast news reports, of particular interest to all of those concerned with moral and/or spiritual issues. These stories are reported in a factual, non-biased, and non-sensationalistic manner, as, "The Rest of the News," to keep you informed of issues worthy of consideration and prayer.

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  The Rest of the News for the Week of April 15-21, 2018

Bible Ban: God's Word Disappears from Online Stores in China

Bibles are being pulled from online retailers in China as the government cracks down on how its citizens practice religion. Christians fear a new wave of widespread persecution may be underway. (Full Story)

Church Discipline Focus of New Survey

More than 8 in 10 Protestant senior pastors say their church has not disciplined a member in the past year, says a new study by LifeWay Research. (Full Story)

Peru: Reaching Latin America's Largest Chinese Community

Most people wouldn't think of Peru as being a hub of Chinese work, but there are more than a million Chinese in the country, 200,000 in Lima alone. (Full Story)

Texas Church Pays Off over $10 Million Medical Debt in Easter Gift to Local Families

A Texas megachurch put actions to their faith this Easter season by paying off the medical bills of over 4,000 families in the community. (Full Story)

Collegians Focus on Harvey Victims Over Spring Break

Even after an EF-3 tornado -- one of 13 tornadoes to strike northern Alabama March 19 -- ripped through their college campus, tearing roofs off dorms, downing trees and damaging cars, Jacksonville State University students elected to remain in Houston to help hurricane victims rather than returning to assess their own damaged living spaces. (Full Story)

Survey Shows Most Americans Think the Ten Commandments Are Important to Live By

A new survey by YouGov and Deseret News found that half or more of US adults view each of the commandments as important to live by, with “you shall not commit murder” ranking at the top. (Full Story)

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